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The quality of the sewing and finishing of
of our clothes…will surprise you!

Produce of sample production:

The patronist of the client -company creates the first sample pattern. We manufacture this immediately and the company samples this even to clothes shops abroad!

After reaching an agreement on the orders, the client comes back to us for the production of the clothes of his choice, having full confidence in our work and the final result we will produce!

You can also think about the style of your collection, prepare the first pattern, find your clients and give us your orders. We commit ourselves to creating the clothes you wish whatever their pattern is.

Using quality sewing materials we give life to your ideas, while the quality of the sewing and finishing of your clothes always makes a difference!

kataskevi-deigmaton | a-mpintou
kataskevi-deigmaton | a-mpintou

You give us the materials and the fabric and we create, on your command, the clothes you want undertaking the following: Cutting / sewing / Ironing /packaging. All the sewing techniques we use aim at creating our clients’ exact designs.

During the stage of sample production, special emphasis is placed on high quality and creation of your design. Successful samples, will obviously delight your clients and will increase your sales!

However, we work with the same commitment and dedication to high quality and detail afterwards, during the full production of your order. Because here, in A. BINTOU& CO OE, we are well aware of the fact that the responsibility for quality insurance lies with us and that success can be only the result of constant quality work.


Assign us the manufacturing of your collection and astound your customers with their excellent tailoring…