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Contract services for high quality clothing
Cutting & sewing patterns & textiles that… you will designate!
Full materialization of your idea!

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Welcome to the site of A. BINTOU & SIA OE , of clothing manufacture headquartered in Athens. It operates in the production of high quality clothes and is characterized by a steadily successful professional development.

The manufacture in its present form was founded in 2013, while the owner, Anstasia Bintou, has delved into the field of clothing production since she was quite young, initially working at her mother’s tailor shop. Afterwards, in 2003, she created her own small industry.

Today,under the supervision of the owner and with higly-skilled staff of 50 people ,our company has distinguished itself for the impeccable sewing of the clothes it produces!

We are a team of professionals in the tailoring industry and we always work passionately with the aim of creating mainly women’s apparel.

Our clients visit us in our modern facilities in Athens and we reach an agreement on the best way to materialize their fashion ideas!

They provide all the materials and textiles and we create the clothes they want at their command.

Numerous prominent firms of the domestic ladieswear industry have entrusted their collections to us and we are proud of this!
Only some of those clients include BSB ,LYNNE,ZINI, AVANT GARDE, ACCESS, NADIA RAPTI.

Our company aims at creating unique, impeccably sewn clothes, always paying attention to detail ! Every time we receive a new order , we consider this a new challenge: to fulfill our clients’ requirements and produce clothes that accurately reflect their ideas and inspiration.

Our work ethic and commitment to perfection ensure the excellent quality of the clothes we produce. In this way, we maintain high standards and a reputation in clothing industry.

We undertake orders ranging from 30 to 10.000 items, working consistently and fast, producing up to 10.000 items a month.

Our services -cutting, sewing, ironing and packaging- guarantee a flawless result.

Thank you for your confidence!

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Our services

We sew everything! We have the necessary expertise to treat all kinds of textiles.

Ironing and packaging clothes complete the procedure successfully

You think about what you wish regarding the clothes of your collection, and our industry is at your disposal…

Our Team

i-omada-mas | mpintou


Business Founder

i-omada-mas | klaoudatos


Head of Cloth Cutter Department

i-omada-mas | naurozoglou


Head of Quality control.

i-omada-mas | anowar


Head of Sewing

Assign us the manufacturing of your collection & and astound your costumers with their excellent tailoring…