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Clothes production is completed successfully and we deliver your order!

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Our industry, A. BINTOU& CO OE, undertakes all stages of clothes manufacture, from the beginning to their final delivery to our clients.

Thus, after completing the flawless sewing of clothes, we proceed to their professional ironing. With a view to ensuring your excellent service, we conduct a quality control of each item. Afterwards, we add a barcode tag and package the clothes. The clothes are delivered to the clients in the way they wish, eg. on a clotheshanger.


Owning 5 professional ironing systems with boiler, we iron all the garments we produce professionally. Steam ironing disinfects clothes and straightens the fibers of the fabric. We are very well aware of how to treat each kind of fabric, considering its specificities and how to iron each kind of clothing.

For example, the ironing of a blouse demands a different handling from that of a coat! Our aim is to create garments in pristine condition! This is the way in which we have developed trusting relationships with the clients who permanently choose us , for the production of their clothes.


Packaging and delivery are carried out in the way our clients wish. Therefore, clothes can be delivered on a clotheshanger or folded and packaged in nylon bags/ boxes etc. Our clients receive a complete, quality & packaged product. And all of us here in the A. BINTOU & CO OE. industry start working again on the new order…With passion and joy to create.

Our philosophy

On the A. BINTOU& CO OE. Industry in Athens, we produce your orders with excellent professionalism,always taking into account the following:

  • The responsibility for quality assurance belongs to us
  • The clients who trust we are, practically, members of our team. They offer the ideas and we create their clothes!
  • The compliance with the agreed delivery time is a prerequisite, should we wish to provide reliable services.
  • Be paying attention to every detail during all stages of the production, we ensure the non – negotiable quality of the clothes we produce.
  • Our continues upgrading and development in the field…is imperative to ensure the future of our industry!
sidero-syskevasia | a-mpintou


Assign us the manufacturing of your collection and astound your costumers with their excellent tailoring…